May 12, 2017

Felix Brych to Referee Champions League Final - Damir Skomina Appointed for Europa League Final

UEFA has appointed German Elite Referee Felix Brych to take charge of the 2017 Champions League final between Juventus and Real Madrid in Cardiff. Slovenian Damir Skomina has been chosen to take charge of the Europa League final between Ajax and Manchester United in Solna. 

UEFA Champions League Final 2017

3 June 2017, 20:45 CET
Millennium Stadium, Cardiff (Wales)
Juventus Turin FC - Real Madrid CF
Referee: Felix Brych (Germany)
Assistant Referee 1: Mark Borsch (Germany)
Assistant Referee 2: Stefan Lupp (Germany)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Bastian Dankert (Germany)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Marco Fritz (Germany)
Fourth Official: Milorad Mažić (Serbia)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Rafael Foltyn (Germany)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jaap Uilenberg (Netherlands)
UEFA Delegate: Dennis Cruise (Ireland)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Raymond Ellingham (Wales)

UEFA Europa League Final 2017

24 May 2017, 20:45 CET
Friends Arena, Solna (Sweden)
AFC Ajax - Manchester United FC
Referee: Damir Skomina (Slovenia)
Assistant Referee 1: Jure Praprotnik (Slovenia)
Assistant Referee 2: Robert Vukan (Slovenia)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Matej Jug (Slovenia)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Slavko Vinčić (Slovenia)
Fourth Official: Gianluca Rocchi (Italy)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Tomaž Klančnik (Slovenia)
UEFA Referee Observer: Bo Karlsson (Sweden)
UEFA Delegate: Ainar Leppänen (Estonia)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Peter Ekström (Sweden)

UEFA Women's Champions League Final 2017

1 June 2017, 20:45 CET
Cardiff City Stadium, Cardiff (Wales)
Olympique Lyonnais - Paris Saint Germain
Referee: Bibiana Steinhaus (Germany)
Assistant Referee 1: Katrin Rafalski (Germany)
Assistant Referee 2: Christina Biehl (Germany)
Fourth Official: Riem Hussein (Germany)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Sian Massey (England)
UEFA Referee Observer: Antonia Kokotou (Greece)
UEFA Delegate: Isabel Hochstöger (Austria)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Kevin Russell (England)


  1. Always expect the unexpected. So now we can easily guess why Marciniak has been appointed as main referee for Under 20 WC in South Korea. Very likely (waiting for an official confirmation) he will replace Brych. The latter, in my opinion, having to prepare such game, wont fly to South Korea but will stay here in Europe, training for the most important game of his careeer so far.
    So what we can say? The decision was very likely taken after Bayern's elimination. Until then, Skomina was in my opinion planned for Cardiff (Dallas observation in quarterfinals). But then, following this unexpected situation, everything changed. What one can say is that things were not planned before and the decision was taken despite of the fact that Brych had been already assigned to U20 WC in South Korea.
    At the same time, Skomina has been "demoted" as EL final referee. But things could have been managed surely better.
    Finally, a particular note: Alfredo Trentalange was the observer for Clattenburg in CL semifinal one year ago before CL final appointment, now the same with Brych but in Europa League. It seems as now he is the "responsible" for that, at least assessing the last performance before the "big assignment".
    Good luck to Felix Brych, overall a deserved appointment for what he showed in many seasons as Elite referee for UEFA. Similar speech, surely, to Skomina, who will have still to wait.
    About Mazic, I don't know whether the fact that he already handled a final this season (Super Cup) excluded him, but surely he will have again some opportunities on next season.
    Good achievement for Rocchi as well, absolutely deserved.

    1. Might also be possible that Brych takes the role of a VAR in South Korea???

    2. Chefren, you told that "Skomina, who will have still to wait.". Do you really think that he will get UCL final?

    3. @Soham in my opinion it would be absurd to fly to South Korea for Brych and then having to return soon for CL final. I'm sure, he wont be there at all.

      @Sviat M Yes, I think Skomina will have still the opportunity to get CL final on next seasons, but perhaps he is now a bit disappointed... I think he knew / suspected that he was first choice for Cardiff.

    4. I'm looking forward to having Brych in my home country India now for the U-17 World Cup during October 2017!! 😇😇

  2. If Brych doesn't fly to South Korea, he should be appointed domestically next week. Otherwise he would be without match for 4 weeks, and his last match was one of the worst in his career...

  3. So much Poor performance by Rumsas at Euro u17 qf Turkey-Hungary. He missed 2 clear penalty And a lot of cards,But I should rewatch the match Because It Was a lot of situation. IMO This performance is maximum 7,6 or lower

    1. If there were really 2 clearly missed penalties + missed cards the maximum should be 7.3-7.4. Which minutes?

    2. I rewatched the match because it was a lot of interesting situation.
      Hungary-Turkey 0:1 (0:1)
      Refere: Donatas Rumsas (LTU) 7,0 ( 2 crucial mistake + 3 missed YC)
      Assistant Referee 1: Paul Robinson (NIR) 8,2
      Assitant Referee 2: Aleksei Vorontsov (RUS) 8,2
      Fourth Official: Dominik Ouschan 8,5

      18' Missed foul in promising attack missed YC (-0,2)
      20' TUR 0:1
      22' AR 1 Good offside decision
      32' HUN 8 Correct YC
      32' HUN 10 Correct YC
      33' AR 2 missed offside decision (-0,2)
      35' It was a foul in promising attack (maybe more than promising attack) in the nearby AR1,missed YC (-0,2 AR 1 too)
      40+1 AR 2 help the referee
      44' AR 2 help the referee
      46' TUR 18 Correct YC
      47' HUN 17 vs. TUR 5 CLEAR FOUL! in penalty area,but no penalty call in promising attack CRUSIAL MISTAKE and missed YC (crusial mistake + -0,2 )
      49' AR 2 bad throw in
      54' good no penalty call
      57' AR 2 good offside decision
      59' HUN 6 correct YC
      68' no Hungarian penalty call,godd decision
      68' He sent off the Hungarian coach, good decision. The Fourth official help him.
      72' Türkis penalty situation, not a big, but it was a foul CLEAR! CRUCIAL MISTAKE!

      Donatas Romsas is a younger FIFA referee. His performance was poor today. He missed a lot of foul (18'25'27'34'35'47'47'49'52'53'53'72') and a lot of YC.(One of missing YC is maybe RC) IMO this is the smaller problem that he dont whistled this fouls (these are not smaller fouls),the bigger problem is that the same fouls he whistled. THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM by a FIFA referee. It was a challenging game with a lot of penalty situation. There is a so much big different Mazeika's and Rumsas's style in the game. I wish all the best, but this werent Rumsas's day.

  4. As happy as I am for Felix Brych, who is deservedly rewarded for a career that is already immense now (and he still has some seasons to come) and who actually always was a reliable referee in the most important UEFA competitions and games, as much I hope that Damir Skomina won't be disappointed by not getting the UCL final. I think with a German team qualifying for the semifinals / final, he would have been the first choice. Ajax-ManU is nonetheless a great game, and maybe a UCL final waits for the Slovenians in 1-2 seasons.

    Congrats to all appointed officials.

    1. Might be next season itself if performances are of the required level... Kuipers got EL final in 2013 and CL final the next year in 2014 so same can definitely happen with Skomina as well!! 🙂

    2. Soham, nice prediction, I like it a lot 👍😃. I hope that in the Committee they will read your prediction, take it into consideration and implement it in 2018 😉.

    3. I'm sure the committee will have Skomina on their radar... Before that I hope he enjoys a very good Confederations Cup in June!!!

  5. Deserved appointment for Brych, he delivered constant good performances the last seasons. However, I'm a bit surprised because he should be in South Korea, but I think CL final is more important for comitee as well as for Brych. I feel sorry for Skomina, because he deserves the big final too, but this is the greatest EL final since a few years, so also a great game and still a final for him. If he continues his good officiating, he should get CL final in the following years (like in the case of Rizzoli, Kuipers and now Brych).
    Good luck to all referees!

  6. Brych will be replaced for the World Cup in Korea?

  7. According to Polish media, Szymon Marciniak replaces Brych for the U20 World Championship and Brych will be whistling at the U17 World Cup


    2. As an Indian that will be an absolute treat for me!!! 😍

  8. Well..
    I had to wait an hour before I wrote anything because I am so dissapointed that Mažić didn't get one of the finals.

    Call me biased, but this year he had a great opportunity and I fear that in the years to come, he won't get the final, why?
    Plenty of other good referees coming from strong football associations.

    PERFORMANCES last year are not the only element that is essential for selection but Skomina and Mažić had better season then German (including EURO) IMO.
    As Niclas said, Brych is rewarded for his CAREER, not for this season.
    There were times when he deserved to get CL Final more than this season but it was impossible because of the presence of Bayern/BVB.
    This is why the Committee looked forward to the opportunity to allocate the final to the German, they may not have another one.

    Power of DFB is also, absolutely, one strong element.

    So, 1) CAREER + 2) Strong FA + 3) PERFORMANCES last season

    About Skomina,
    a man with a long, successful and a great CAREER.
    He came back stronger from his mistakes, he drew his lessons, and he had a very good season behind him, especially EURO.
    With the support of Mr. Šajn, Skomina has developed his talent and reached undoubted quality but it seems it was not enough to reach the Final in previous years. Upon Mr Ceferin's arrival at the head of UEFA, Skomina got what was missing. So, I was sure he will get CL Final.


    I feel that there has been a "shift", as last year, when Eriksson was (maybe) planned for CL final but he was "moved down" because of Clattenburg (absolutely deserved).
    This year Skomina was planned for CL Final (maybe) and he was "moved down" because of the Brych.

    A person who has been in both situations "collateral damage" (sorry for this word) is Mažić.

    Just to add, Mažić was one the candidate for the EURO Final.
    He had almost perfect EURO, very good season in CL and EL. Maybe it was his best season so far.

    When talking about his CAREER, it's shorter than Brych's and Skomina's.
    However, for such a "short" period, he has achieved phenomenal results. Three EL semi-finals in a row (first as an Elite Development referee), WC, EURO, Super Cup, Confederations Cup and EL final as 4th referee (now he has two finals as 4th referee).

    Mažić isn't from a big football association, plus NO COMMITTEE MEMBER from his nation but his quality was recognized by Mr. Collina and he quickly progressed to the Elite group (similar as Marciniak).

    1)PERFORMANCES last season + 2)CAREER + No committee member

    The reason I'm so disappointed is that Mr Mažić is always (apparently) so close and yet so far. He is 44 years old now and I'm not sure that he will get a final, It is evident that he lacks element of support and luck.
    Really a pity, he deserved one of two finals this season by every possible criterion IMO.

    In the end, congrats to all appointed officials.

    1. And sorry for long post.

    2. I forgot to mention. Super Cup Final was a great achievement, but it came as a compensation for the EURO.
      Also, last referee from "small FA" was Ľuboš Micheľ (Slovakia) and Germany didn't have referee in CL Final for 10 years (Fandel 2007).

    3. What about Massimo Bussacca (Switzerland), Viktor Kassai (Hungary) and also to a certain extent Cüneyt Çakir (Turkey)??? If we see from 2010 then Webb, Kassai, Proenca, Rizzoli, Kuipers, Çakir, Clattenburg and now Brych are all excellent referees and have thoroughly​ proved themselves at the European and international level and the appointment of each of them is absolutely logical and justified based on performance principle... No question of big association or small association for all these referees..They simply deserve the appointments based on their merit and superb performances in international and European refereeing!! 🙂

    4. I like your post, Soham. You hit exactly the nail! All referees appointed to a final in the last years deserves it for sure. But I can also feel with RefRef, because Mazic would deserve his final too (personally, I would give him EL final). I think as the supercup already counts as a final, it was really unprobable that he gets another one in the same season...
      Just look what happened with Clattenburg after he had two finals in the same season...

      Skomina could be satisfied with EL final too, IMO. Just look at the two teams with so much tradition. I hope we'll see two great finals, I'm looking forward to them!

    5. I hope Mažić (or Rocchi) can get sth in Confed Cup now

    6. @Soham You got me wrong.
      I didn't say that this is undeserved appointment, no. Power of FA referee comes from is always important element, be honest, it's not only about performances and career. Brych is very good referee and my point wasnt proving that he isn't. Cheers!

    7. I actually meant to say that Brych and Skomina both has a much bigger career than Mazic and arguably both have been more consistent than Mazic overall... That said I personally wanted Mazic to get some reward for a good season and I'm miffed that he hasn't, maybe he'll get the EL final next year... But the fact that Brych and Skomina are selected ahead of him is absolutely fair based on career records and general reliability whichever FA it is or whichever committee member backs them!! Mazic will also get his chance if he maintains performance like this season!!!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Did someone noticed? :
    2014 UEL Final:Brych-referee;Mažic-4th official
    2017 UCL Final:Brych-referee;Mažic-4th official.

    1. Even in France, Mažić was 4th official to Brych.

  11. How come the 4th officials for the Champions league and europa league finals are from a different country than the rest of the team?

    1. In big European finals this has been the trend in the past few seasons!!!

    2. I know not sure why though. IMO would make more sense if they're from same country.

    3. There is the need to assure another Elite top official who would join the pitch in case of injury / unavailability of the main referee appointed, given the big importance of the game.

  12. That's what I expect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. In 2012 1st leg Chelsea VS Barcelona Brych was appointed in a semi-final . Was he appointed in a semi-final after that?

  14. i think UEFA does not trust most the elite referee. Mazic made a big mistake in the besiktas-lyon match. Maybe he is not appointed because of it. Also, we should not forget the German and English lobes in UEFA. Last year Clatt, now Brych.

    1. What was the big mistake by the way?? I don't seem to recall any!! 🤔

    2. @Unknown
      About Besiktas-Lyon: maybe in some parralel universe.

    3. What was the big mistake? Show us...

  15. I hope Alireza Faghani for Confederations Cup Final,and so he will have FIFA Club World Cup,Olympics,FIFA Confederations Cup

    1. Faghani clearly is one of the 2-3 favourites to officiate the final in my view. So... why not?

    2. My money will be on Nestor Pitana or Mark Geiger for the final!! I would also like to believe that Bakary Gassama gets a Semi-final at least!!

  16. In Germany will be deciding match for staying in Bundesliga between HSV and Wolfsburg.

    Maybe Brych will get that match for some kind of practice?

    1. Not impossible, but I think DFB will assign him for a less important game such as Frankfurt-Leipzig or Köln-Mainz.

      HSV-Wolfsburg could go to Aytekin or Fritz instead.

  17. Who can explain, why under no circumstances are
    match officials allowed to keep the match ball(s)?
    It is written at "General Terms and Conditions for
    referees officiating at UEFA matches"

  18. Great performance from Zebec Rijeka Hajduk 2:0... Crucial match without any problems...

    1. Yes it was,maybe he had 1 soft booking in 1st half,but overall pretty good performance.

      35 years old,maybe he will get some UEFA recognition after this season where he had plenty top matches in Croatia.

  19. UEFA Euro U 17
    World Cup Playoff and Semi finals

    Referee Anastasios Papapetrou (GRE)
    Assistant referee Mircea Grigoriu (ROU) , Goce Petreski (MKD)
    Fourth official Mohammed Al-Hakim (SWE)
    UEFA Referee observer Alain Hamer (LUX)

    Referee Fabio Verissimo (POR)
    Assistant referee Manuel Fernandes (AND) , Jevgenijs Morozovs (LVA)
    Fourth official Nicolas Laforge (BEL)
    UEFA Referee observer Kyros Vassaras (GRE)

    Referee Dominik Ouschan (AUT)
    Assistant referee Ian Bird (WAL) , Paul Robinson (NIR)
    Fourth official Donatas Rumšas (LTU)
    UEFA Referee observer Marc Batta (FRA)

    IMO Jens Maae (Denmark) will be the referee int he final.

  20. After Champions league semi final Juventus-Monaco Ainar Leppänen (EST) is appointed as UEFA delegate in Europa League final.

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